Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac Review

Parallels_Desktop_ReviewOne of the best reasons the Mac switched over to Intel processors has been to provide “native” Windows compatibility without sacrificing system speed for interpreters and emulators. However, even with the compatibility switching to x86 architecture and hardware, Macs and OS X still leaves the user with stumbling blocks and incompatibilities that aren’t just annoying, they can be downright frustrating.

After reading this Parallels Desktop for Mac review, you’ll discover that there are ways virtually all of those issues can go away, making your Mac even more compatible with Windows and Windows even easier to use on your Mac.


Why Put Windows On My Mac?

Regardless of how much you love your Mac, OS X only has an 8% market share whereas Windows has just under a 90% market share. That means most software, most applications and most data is designed for Windows and generated by Windows.

Granted, there are things that the Mac does much better, even though Windows may have closed the gap over the last few years, but dedicated Mac users aren’t likely to switch. This means finding ways to make Windows and Windows applications work on current Macintosh hardware. That’s where a software package like Parallels Desktop for Mac comes into play.

Workarounds such as dual-boot systems and concurrent running operating systems have been around for years. However, today’s users want more flexibility and ease of use than that. They also want to be able to move data between Windows and OS X quickly and easily, not with a bunch of kludge solutions that work, but take multiple steps to achieve success. With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you get smooth usability between OS X and Windows as well as a lot more.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Review Features


Parallels Desktop for Mac gives you so much more than basic workarounds and kludge solutions for your Mac/Windows issues. Here’s a partial list of features you’ll find in Parallels Desktop for Mac:

  • Run Windows apps from the Dock
  • Use Mac gestures in Windows apps
  • Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop between Windows and Mac apps
  • Run any Windows app on a Mac including IE, Windows Media Player and hundreds more
  • Support for up to 64gb or RAM
  • Supports Win7, 8, 8.1, Linux and more
  • Ready for OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Support for 3 button mouse

Parallels Desktop for Mac Review Overview

Once the Windows Virtual Machine is set up, you’ll be able to run Windows apps directly from the Launchpad or Dock. Even Windows 8.1 start screen is supported through Launchpad.

Regardless of your main reason to use Windows, Parallels Desktop for Mac can be totally optimized for that use with a single click.

Quickly and easily change modes so you can run either OS X apps or Windows apps faster than ever.

If you’re migrating from a Windows PC to a Mac, Parallels Desktop for Mac gives you easy to use tools to make migration simple

Parallels Desktop for Mac Review Conclusion

If you love your Mac but need to run Windows applications, you need the most powerful, fastest and easiest tools to make your Windows use as pain free and productive as possible. With all of the capabilities of Parallels Desktop for Mac, you won’t believe how easy Windows is to use, especially on your Mac. If you’re looking for the best Windows solution for your Mac, you’re looking for Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Review Pros and Cons

Pros –

  • Easy to use, supports Mac gestures in Windows apps and Windows app launches from the Dock or Launchpad
  • Supports latest Mac hardware and the latest software from both Apple and Windows

Cons –

  • Still requires the use of third party storage for “native” data exchanges through Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. 
  • Careful battery management is still necessary for MacBook Pro Air, etc.. 

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