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SentryPC_ReviewWhether you’re a parent with kids who are constantly on the computer or a business owner or manager who needs to keep track of how employees are using their computers, having monitoring and control tools to monitor and control usage are more important than ever.

This Spytech SentryPC review will give you some information about how these tools work and how you can use them to protect your kids or your business.


Who Makes this Powerful Monitoring Software

The company behind SentryPC is called Spytech and they have a whole line of state of the art monitoring software such as Realtime-Spy, Realtime-Spy Mac, Social Spy, SpyAgent, SpyAnywhere, Keystroke Spy, and Netvisor.  

Spytech has been in the business of creating top of the line PC, Mac and network monitoring software since 1998 and their software is the best money can buy.

Why Monitor and Control?

For parents, the internet can be a real nightmare of content and people you don’t want your children to have access to. Also, for business owners/managers, keeping employees on-task instead of surfing the internet not only makes for more effective employees but may keep you out of legal issues as well. With proper control of when and how computers can be used as well as being able to monitor how computers are being used, you can rest easy your kids or employees are doing what they’re supposed to.

Spytech SentryPC Review Features


Here are some monitoring and control features Spytech SentryPC gives you so you can have the assurance your computers are being used safely and properly.



  • Centralized management for easy monitoring from anywhere
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • Real-time monitoring for immediate updates and alerts
  • Invisible monitoring of keystrokes, screenshots, email activity, chat room logs, internet access and more
  • Website filtering based on keywords and categories
  • Chat room filtering including all popular websites
  • Time management access control

Spytech SentryPC Review Overview

Whether you install the software yourself or remotely install it via an email or download link, you’ll have immediate control and monitoring over the target PC.

Once installed, you’ll have the ability to access monitoring logs and controls from anywhere. This enables you to set up the computer to be blocked from chat sites, to block website access and to even control when the computer can be used.

You’ll also have access to monitor logs for keystrokes, screenshots to see what the user is being shown in the screen, internet access and activity as well as a wide variety of other computer usage functions such as email and application activity. You’ll even be able to see chat logs, emails and documents that a user generates. 

Since Spytech SentryPC uses a centralized management system, it won’t matter if you’re at the office, at home or even on the road, you’ll be able to fully access the control functions as well as the monitoring functions for the target PC. This means when anything happens, you can be instantly alerted so you can take action.


Spytech SentryPC Review Conclusion

For parents and business managers and owners, being able to control how computers are used and to monitor their use is more important than ever. Whether you’re trying to protect your children from the untoward content available online or whether you’re trying to ensure your employees are actually doing their jobs, a great tool like Spytech SentryPC makes life a lot easier. 

Keep in mind that using tools like these may have legal ramifications and monitoring results may or may not be used in a court of law, depending on what state you live in or the software is used it. Also, keep in mind you may be violating privacy rights of employees by using this software.

If you feel that tools like these will not only prevent issues but protect you and your family, then Spytech SentryPC is a great, very powerful solution that is easy to use and maintain. highly recommends all of the Spytech monitoring software products!

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