Systweak Advanced System Optimizer Review

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer ReviewIf you’ve found yourself waiting for your computer to load webpages or programs, it may not be that you need a new computer, but that your computer needs a tune up. Just like a car, your computer requires regular maintenance to run at an optimal rate. Instead of replacing your computer, let Systweak Advanced System Optimizer help you get your computer running better than new.

Systweak has been in the PC utility business since 1999.  They have developed many successful software utilities over the years including RegClean Pro, Disk Speedup, Advanced System Protector, Advanced Driver Updater, Advanced Disk Recovery and many more. 

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer Features

Whether the videos you are trying to watch need to buffer all the time, the games you like to play lag so much you don’t even bother trying to play anymore, or you’re having some other problem with your computer, Systweak Advanced System Optimizer can help. Endorsed by CNET as one of the best computer optimizers out there, Systweak Advanced System Optimizer is easy to use and will help you to ensure your computer is running at its best. With Systweak Advanced System Optimizer you’ll be able to: 

  • Fine tune your computer with a single click using Smart PC Care
  • Update or repair out of date or damaged drivers with Driver Updater
  • Clean registry errors with Registry Cleaner
  • Remove unneeded programs to save space and release resources being used by those programs with Uninstall Manager
  • Clean out junk files and data to free up space with System Cleaner
  • Ensure no private data is left behind on your computer with Privacy Protector
  • Protect against malware, spyware and Trojans with System Protector
  • Password protect your personal files with Secure Encryptor
  • See disk usage with Disk Explorer
  • Free unused memory that is assigned for use by certain programs with Memory Optimizer
  • Make sure your hard disk doesn’t have errors with Disk Tools
  • Remove duplicate files
  • Remove unneeded programs from the start up
  • Fine tune your system settings
  • And Much Much More!

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer will not only help you clean up the unnecessary programs and files on your computer, but it will help you keep your computer running at it’s peak all the time.

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Smart PC Care

One of Systweak Advanced System Optimizer’s key features is Smart PC Care. With Smart PC Care, you’ll be able to enhance and optimize your computer by:

  • Freeing disk space and cleaning out junk files and data
  • Defrag your hard disk to provide optimum performance
  • Scan and clean spyware
  • Clean any privacy-exposing traces on your computer that may not be easily visible to clean manually
  • Clean registry errors
  • Scan for outdated and missing drivers
  • Optimize registry errors to ensure your computer does not have problems, including errors that cause your computer to crash

Smart PC Care runs various tasks to perform the functions listed above with just a single click. You can also schedule Smart PC Care to run automatically when you’re not using your computer. 

System Protector

Unlike similar programs, Systweak Advanced System Optimizer doesn’t just clean up junk files and run defrags, it also includes System Protector. With System Protector, you can ensure that your system does not have any malware, spyware, or Trojans. System Protector will also ensure that you do not get any in the future. 

  • Monitors your computer for spyware activity
  • Detects, identifies, and removes spyware
  • Ranks severity of spyware programs
  • Scans your computer automatically

Game Optimizer

If you use your computer for game play, Game Optimizer can help you ensure your computer is running at its best for game play. 

  • Provides a private virtual desktop optimized for gameplay
  • Enjoy games free of distractions
  • Allows all available resources to be used for gameplay
  • Allows special key mapping for each game

No competitor’s programs offer anything similar to Systweak Advanced System Optimizer’s Game Optimizer. Not only will Systweak Advanced System Optimizer ensure that you are not wasting resources the same way every other tune up program does, it also ensures that when you’re playing games, your computer provides you with the maximum power available for your game playing pleasure.

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 
32 and 64 bit for all OS

Widely varied options and functions
User friendly status updates

Trial version does not allow you to fix any problems it finds


There are so many reasons to use Advanced System Optimizer on your PC.   You can speed up your game play, optimize your registry, update your drivers, undelete files, defragment your hard drive, optimize system memory, securely delete files, manage your start up programs, protect your pc from malware…. the list is endless.  

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer is an all in one tool that is a must for any PC user!


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