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Thunder Mailer is a powerful mass email marketing software that is easy to use and will help you to manage your bulk email campaigns while monitoring the deliveries of those emails.

Thunder Mailer helps you to:

  • Create and store your email lists

  • Merge personalized information into your email messages

  • Deliver emails quickly through SMTP Servers, or through Direct Send

Why You Should Use Thunder Mailer Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is one of the most effective and efficient marketing tools for businesses today. As opposed to traditional mail marketing, email marketing offers many benefits and advantages over all other forms of marketing put together. These benefits are:

  • It is cost effective and offers flexibility for businesses whether they are a large conglomerate or a simple small business.
  • It is very inexpensive and businesses can market their services or a product with no printing costs associated and cuts down on costs that come with mail room employees.
  • When email marketing is used, there is a huge advantage when it comes to measurable results. Thunder Mailer software allows you to track how many people actually opened your email and how many clicks within the links you get as well.
  • Email marketing requires much less effort and preparation then other forms of marketing, and you can go through the marketing campaign process in as little as a few hours, saving you much needed time for other aspects of your business.

Thunder Mailer Features

Thunder Mailer Key Features

With Thunder Mailer, you get the tools and resources you need to create an effective email marketing campaign. You also get a way to monitor the results of that campaign in order to see what worked really well and what didn’t have quite the desired effect. This alone is an invaluable resource as you will be able to pinpoint what to focus on for future campaigns. Thunder Mailer offers:

Easy to Install and User Friendly Software

Toolbars will guide you along every step of the way during installation and will have you up and running your first campaign within just minutes.

Create and Save Unlimited Email Campaigns

Thunder Mailer lets you import your mailing lists, remove duplicates, and even removed emails that may be suspicious in nature. You can save emails to use in future campaigns, and there is no limit to how many emails you can create and save into the database.

Send Unlimited Emails

While some SMTP servers may limit the amount of emails that can be sent out in a specific timeframe, Thunder Mailer allows you to use a SendGrid feature which can handle more email frequency and volume.

Preview and Test with Ease

Thunder Mailer lets you preview all emails before sending them out to prospective clients. This will ensure that you are forwarding informative, professional, and high quality emails, and be able to fine tune them if something doesn’t look right in your window. Sending out a mass email with one or more mistakes could be devastating to your campaign. This feature helps to eliminate those mistakes.

Compatible with Any SMTP Servers

You are able to use and SMTP server with Thunder Mailer as long as you have valid access. If you have a dedicated IP address and an established domain, you can also use the Direct Send button to forward all of your emails.

Personalized Emails

If you want to use a personalized greeting or goodbye message, Thunder Mailer lets you set up your campaign using a Data Merge feature, allowing you to merge any column within your mailing list into you current email marketing campaign.

WYSIWYG Message Editor

Whether you are using plain text email o HTML email, Thunder Mailer offers you a hassle free experience when creating and editing your email marketing campaing.

Thunder Mailer offers you state of the art technology that they are constantly upgrading to ensure that you always have the best software for your email marketing endeavors. It is extremely easy to use and even if you don’t have an overly technical background, you will find the software accommodating and helpful during the entire process.

With Thunder Mailer, you can increase your productivity and effectiveness when creating new email marketing campaigns and you can do it with one of the fastest and cheapest email marketing software bundles on the market today.


  • Free to download
  • Immediate use once downloaded
  • Flexible with any standard SMTP servers
  • Remove duplicate, suspicious and incorrect emails


  • May require a little getting used to the interface

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