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VideoWhisper is a full featured video sharing and conferencing cloud site with multiple SaaS applications.

If your business has need of video conferencing, a multi-site video messenger, live streaming video, video recording, video consultation, or 2 way video chat then you may want to look at what VideoWhisper has to offer.  In this VideoWhisper review you will get to know the SaaS applications that are available, and all of the other services they have at their site.  VideoWhisper is a full featured cloud video site that has all of the video services mentioned and web hosting with dedicated servers for your business.


VideoWhisper Review – Site Features

Video SaaS Applications

  • Live Streaming Video – Put your events and show up on the cloud with this live one to many video streaming software.

  • Video Conferencing – Add video chat to your website or setup meetings with customers or employees in remote locations with this live many to many, 2 way video communications package.

  • 2 Way Video Chat – Set up video calls, private chat sessions, direct sales pitches, or speed dating with this live one to one, 2 way private video chat application.

  • Video Consultation – Create webinars, training sessions, presentations, or press conferences with this live few to many, mainly one way moderated video package.

  • Video Messenger – Make instant calls, set up live support, or chat on demand with this live many to many, 2 way private video messenger software.

  • Video Recorder – Record directly from your web cam for video blogs, video forums, with this video recording software and store it in the cloud.

  • Admin Tool – List users connected to an rtmp connection, watch or spy on any user with a webcam or microphone turned on, identify users ip addresses for banning purposes, and disconnect users.

All of these applications have plugins or modules for all of these Content Management Systems (CMS):

  • WordPress – Live Streaming of Webcams with 2way video chat, video conferencing, and video presentations.

  • Joomla – For live support of your business on the web, webcam recordings, video consultation, 2way video chat, video conferencing, and live streaming video.

  • Drupal – Pay per view webcam modules, live streaming video, video conferencing, 2way video chat, and video consultation.

  • Moodle LMS – Live streaming video, private video chat, video conferencing, and video consultation services.

  • Oxwall Social – Live streaming video, video conferencing, and video recorder.

  • Elgg Social – Live streaming video, video conferencing, 2way video chat, and video consultation.

Web Hosting Solutions

  • RTMP Hosting
  • Red5 Hosting
  • Wowza Hosting
  • Red5 Installation
  • FFMPEG Installation

What does VideoWhisper provide to you as a business and to your customers?  They are a 100% web based solution with no downloads or software required for the end user, clients just click on a url linked to a room. Their applications support h264 video codecs with acoustic echo cancellation.  You are allowed unlimited users with the P2P streaming support with direct 1 to 1 and group P2P streaming.

Web skins are all customizable to fit your business with multiple settings and permissions.  All of the software you use to get your video online connected is free to use and they offer a free trial mode with advertisements in the free mode only.  They also have easy integration and custom scripts for PHP, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Elgg, and Moodle.

Individual Software Features

VideoWhisper Review – Live Video Messenger Software

How this application works depends upon the edition purchased and the configuration.  In the messenger edition users can see a list of inline users connected to the chat room and they can ask any participant to start a video chat session using their own webcam.  In the Live Support edition there are operators and clients as the 2 types of users.  Clients are able to see the public chat and video (if enabled) which hide when the client is assigned operator access and private video chat start.  Operators are able to assist multiple clients at the same time.

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User Features:

  • Online Users List
  • Public Public Chat
  • Request, Accept Video Chats
  • Videochat panels with video & text
  • Enable/disable video/chat
  • Enable/disable access to webcam/microphone for each user
  • Enable/disable sound fx on new message
  • Message count for background video chats
  • Fullscreen
  • Emoticons
  • Text formatting
  • Link parsing
  • Enable/disable webcam / streaming video
  • Enable/disable microphone / streaming audio
  • Streaming settings
  • External encoder support
  • Timers
  • Hidden / Stealth / Invisible Mode
  • Auto Deny Requests Toggle
  • Sound notification when somebody enters or leaves the room
  • Toggle sound notifications
  • Toolbar with all panels including private chats
  • Request show

Developer Features:

  • Friends list
  • Skin based interface
  • Custom interface sounds
  • Enable/disable access to streaming settings
  • Setup default, maximum bandwidth
  • Setup webcam resolution
  • Setup dual buffering settings
  • Session timing and control from php
  • Private chat timing and control
  • Enable/disable timer
  • Enable/disable features and panels
  • Usage scenario toggles

VideoWhisper Review – Video Consultation Software

With the video consultation software moderators control what the participants see displayed on the main screen where the speaker is located.  Participants can request to speak but can only speak when the moderator grants permission.  Moderators can put up files for participants to download and show slides or external video streams.


User Features:

  • Instant video consultation room and invite link generator
  • 1 High definition fixed video panel, unlimited private video panels
  • Fullscreen button for any video panel
  • Streaming Settings
  • Link parsing (urls, twitter)
  • Emoticons
  • Enable/Disable sound on new text message
  • Timers
  • Logout
  • Watch privately an user from that list
  • Show/Hide panels from tool bar icons
  • Private Chat
  • Reset panel positions and sizes
  • Set status (Available, Request, Away, Busy)
  • Download shared documents
  • Tooltips explaining button actions
  • Sound is automatically turned off when playing own stream, to prevent echo
  • Volume control for all video panels
  • See who’s watching via server or rtmp

Webmaster Features:

  • Skin based interface
  • Translation engine that allows translation of most important texts
  • Enable/disable access to streaming settings, and advanced settings
  • Enable/disable webcam access, and access to extra videos
  • Setup default, maximum bandwidth, webcam resolution, and microphone rate
  • Session timing and control from php
  • Enable/disable timer
  • Set html welcome to chat message
  • Set room users limit
  • Enable/disable chat panel, file shareing, participant list, and file upload and deletion for regular users
  • Enable/disable webcam audio, video, and publishing with external encoder
  • Filter bad words (regex)
  • Configure flood protection for text chat (in seconds)
  • Enable/disable writing in text chat
  • Configure default and maximum extra video panels to show
  • Configure default panel layout (positions and sizes)
  • Configure a default rtmp stream

VideoWhisper Review – 2 way video chat


This software package generates a room link or url that is sent to the second person in the chat using any method, such as, email, text messenger, or sms.  Using this link both parties are instantly placed face to face on large video panels.  This is done via a browser so it will work on almost any platform.

User Features:

  • Instant room & video chat invite link generator
  • 2 High definition video panels, big size
  • Fullscreen
  • Enable/disable webcam / streaming video
  • Enable/disable microphone / streaming audio
  • Swap videos
  • Streaming settings
  • Emoticons
  • Link parsing
  • Timers (used time/available time)
  • Logout
  • Sounds when other user enters and leaves room
  • Buzz to call other user if in background
  • Switch P2P/Server streaming
  • External encoder support
  • View chat logs with screenshots
  • On request partner picture (high quality) – if enabled
  • Info tooltips on buttons
  • Push to talk prevents echo by transmitting only when user presses a button
  • Silence to talk mutes the other user while speaker is talking


Developer Features:

  • Skin based interface
  • Enable/disable access to streaming settings
  • Setup default, maximum bandwidth
  • Setup webcam resolution and frames per second (FPS)
  • Session timing and control from php
  • Enable/disable timer
  • Set html welcome to chat message
  • Enable and configure an action button that can have multiple
  • Set verbose level
  • Configure in chat ads
  • Configure layout: enable/disable each button, text input, text chat as needed
  • Translate texts to any language

VideoWhisper Review – Video Conferencing software

The conferencing software allows users to establish multiple concurrent, web based, video conference style calls.  The connections can be made with any standard computer with a webcam and an internet connection.  All users can participate in the teleconference without leaving the comfort of their own home.

User Features:

  • Interface panels can be moved and resized by user
  • Multiple video / chat panels
  • Popup chat panels like on instant messenger applications
  • Emoticons (loaded from external image files based on a custom xml list)
  • Hardware detection and real time selection
  • Detect connection speed and automatically update broadcasting settings to prevent streaming congestions
  • Custom bandwidth and quality settings for client
  • Advanced setting changes realtime: select video/audio hardware, compression, resolution, framerate, audio rate
  • Automated realtime update of video aspect ratio
  • Enable/disable sound on text messages
  • Mute audio for each incoming video or close video stream
  • Mute own microphone / webcam
  • User list showing user status
  • File Sharing
  • Download automatically generated chat logs (html)
  • Room list with icons to show full rooms
  • Create / Delete Rooms from chat interface
  • Easy one screen interface tutorial
  • Intuitive interface
  • Realtime timers
  • Kick users
  • Private Chats in popups as on Instant Messenger Applications
  • Buzz users
  • Block/Unblock users
  • Watch any participants’ webcam
  • Custom picture and profile/site link
  • User status can be selected
  • Automated parsing of Links, Emails, Twitter accounts, Youtube videos
  • Open JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF, Youtube videos inside video conferencing interface

WebMaster Features:

  • Translation system for most important texts
  • Unlimited rooms/user lists
  • Custom background and layout
  • Option to fill window by expanding panels
  • Option to automatically populate video slots when participants have webcams
  • Custom landing room and welcome message
  • Multiple user typ
  • 100% web based webcam streaming
  • es and icons
  • Custom user picture and profile link
  • Default webcam settings
  • Enable/disable user access to webcam settings, advanced settings, and microphone.
  • Setup regular expression filters and replace string for bad words
  • Usage notification scripts, credits system for easy pay per view integration
  • Enable/disable timers, uploading and deleting of files and tutorial

VideoWhisper Review – Live Streaming Software

This is an application that is used to broadcast live video with realtime configuration of many options and gives you the ability create snapshots from the stream.  The software comes with three separate interfaces.

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Live Broadcast Features:

  • Advanced setting changes realtime: select video/audio hardware, compression, resolution, framerate, audio rate
  • Enable/disable webcam/microphone independently
  • support for external live media encoder
  • Viewer list
  • Chat to view realtime viewer reactions and discuss with them
  • Update show title/description
  • Kick users (by admin)
  • Get channel link to publish (one click copy)
  • Get embed code for live watch, live video (one click copy)
  • Get snapshot image link
  • View timer, remaining credit info (if enabled)


Live Video Watch Features:

  • Watch live video streaming with others
  • Chat to discuss the live video streaming realtime with other viewers and the broadcaster
  • Site visitor support: prompts for filling a temporary username to chat with if not logged in
  • Show title (updated realtime)
  • Channel page
  • Can be embedded on any page, blog post that allows html
  • Fullscreen button
  • View timer, remaining credit info (if enabled)
  • The interface can contain video / chat / viewer list panels as enabled by webmaster
  • Regular expression bad word filtering
  • Custom layout can be configured
  • Floating logo with link

Live Video Streaming Features:

  • Live video, auto play
  • Show title (updated realtime)
  • Can be embedded on any page, blog post that allows html
  • Fullscreen on click
  • View timer, remaining credit info (if enabled)
  • Floating logo with link

VideoWhisper Review – Video Recorder Software

Videos are recorded from off of the user webcam and stored on the server in an flv file to be used by the rmtp server.  The video can then be streamed using any available rtmp server and viewed using a web browser.  If your hosting supports ffmpeg or ffmpegtheora then the video can be viewed on iPhone, iPad, or Android device with HTML5.

Software Features:

  • Live Webcam Preview
  • Select live webcam/microphone, configure recording resolution, framerate, sound rate, buffering
  • Record Video
  • Timer, Maximum recording time limit
  • Accept / Discard recording
  • Instant recording preview, Replay preview
  • Realtime buffer time usage (recording / uploading to server)
  • Custom Layout
  • Custom resolution can be configured by webmaster

VideoWhisper is a full featured website that allows your business to create it’s own video content for your website, connect with your customers using video chat and conferencing, or to connect to your employees.  If you are looking for hosting solutions VideoWhisper has all the options you need to create a complete business along with all the scripts needed to use the software.


  • Complete streaming video cloud solution for your business
  • Six different streaming options
  • Many hosting options available


  • May be beyond the average user to put together as whole website
  • Options available require much research

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