STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0 Review and Coupon

You have a computer so you need to STOP viruses in their tracks!

Our STOPzilla review will go into the installation, Virus Scan Options, Features and we will of course provide you with an exclusive STOPzilla Antivirus coupon code.

STOPzilla is a solid antivirus application that will keep your computer clean of viruses whether they come in from a website or from an email message.  Right from the start STOPzilla brings to your computer the latest in virus protection by downloading updates to the program and virus signatures before it even starts a scan of your computer. 

The name sounds like it comes from a Saturday morning science fiction B-movie but this application is the real thing and it will keep your computer clean of viruses and safe.

How to Install STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0 


Download STOPzilla antivirus 7

STEP 1 – Download STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0



STEP 2 – Click Next to Start the Process



STEP 3 – Accept the STOPzilla Licensing Agreement



STEP 4 – Click Next to Continue Installation of STOPzilla Antivirus



STEP 5 – Installation Complete

 “Installing STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0 was fast and easy to accomplish.”

You can download a trial version of STOPzilla from the website that will protect your computer for 15 days before you need to purchase an annual subscription. After starting the setup program STOPzilla automatically goes out to download the most recent version of the software to install giving you the latest in changes to the program before it even downloads the virus signatures and scans. 

Here is the link to download STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0 directly from STOPzilla – Download Link 

You will have to then accept the license agreement before continuing the installation.  The application automatically starts up asking you to purchase a license or start the free trial period.  While you are registering the product or selecting the trial period STOPzilla has already begun to download the virus signatures to scan your computer.

The Initial Scan for Viruses using STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0

STOPzilla antivirus 7 quick scan

STOPzilla Antivirus Initial Virus Scan

STOPzilla AntiVirus 7.0 automatically downloads the latest virus signature updates from their servers then starts out using a quick scan of your computer.  The quick scan will determine if any of the applications currently running on your computer contain any viruses or if any of the start up software has any viruses. 

Once the quick scan is complete you will need to reboot your computer to get STOPzilla installed as your antivirus software.  Antivirus software needs to start up before most of your system software starts up.  It will begin looking for virus activity once started.  


You must reboot after the Initial Scan

You must restart your computer after you install STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0..

Performing more comprehensive scans with STOPzilla


“The main screen is well thought out and very user friendly.”

The main window above is what you see when you launch the STOPzilla overview of your system.  You can turn off virus checking from here in order to install software that is being stopped by STOPzilla or you can change settings and locate quarantined items. 

Sometimes antivirus software looks at an installation of an application as a virus just by the things they do with system files and the registry.  If this happens you will have to turn off the virus checker for the duration of the installation then turn it back on afterwords.



Comprehensive STOPzilla System Scan

When you need to setup a more comprehensive scan or a custom scan you will go into the “Scan System” area of the overview screen.  The scan system screen allows you to do these things:

  • Quick Scan – Run a quick scan of your system to determine if all your files are still clean of viruses.  This should be done after every virus signature update.  Updates give you the latest information about viruses and tells the software how to detect viruses.  If the software receives new updates it is possible that a virus exists that was not previously detected.

  • Intelligent Scan – This scan was run when the application was first started on you computer. It will scan only the areas where most viruses are found and quarantine anything it finds.

  • Full Scan – Here you can scan every file on your system to look for viruses.  You may have files downloaded from the internet that you have used to install some software.  These downloads sometimes have viruses attached to them or have applets that are used to install rootkits that give access to your computer for hackers.  A full scan will apply every known signature to each file to find matches.

  • Custom Scan – You can set up a scan of only the files of others that log into the computer using a different profile or you can scan files on a shared drive.

  • Scan Results – Here you will find the reports of any scans done on your computer either by yourself or scheduled by the software.

  • Scan Scheduler – You can set up scans of your system or attached storage devices at specific times of the day, week, and month. 

Changing settings in STOPzilla is easy

The settings area for STOPzilla is broken down into email, application, and enforcer settings.  Once you have clicked into one of the settings areas you can slide through to any of the other settings areas by clicking on the forward or back arrows on the setting screen.  Below you will find a explanation of each of these settings areas.

STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0 EMail Settings


Comprehensive Email Antivirus Protection

“A large percentage of viruses are spread via Email and STOPzilla has comprehensive Email Protection”

Under the email settings you can turn on or off the checking of email messages for Phish email and virus checking.  You can select the email client you want to use the virus/phish checker on.  You are able to select from Outlook, Outlook Express, and other email clients.

Filtering for spam email is easy to set up in STOPzilla.  By turning on the spam filtering you can check your incoming email messages against known spam senders placing those messages into spam folders.  Spam filtering only works with email accounts that use the POP3 protocol to download email messages to your computer.

STOPzilla Antivirus Enforcer Settings


STOPzilla has the flexibility to protect various parts of your system as needed.

The settings under Enforcer allows you to turn off the virus and malware protection for specific areas of the system. These areas are where many virus and maleware applications go to in order to install on your computer.  Turning off items in the Enforcer area will turn off active check for those areas that are turned off. 

If you run into a problem downloading an application using Internet Explorer you might want to turn off checking of the IE areas until the application is downloaded.  Turning off STOPzilla totally in order to download an application isn’t the best of options.  Turning of the areas that STOPzilla is checking and giving you problems is the best solution.  Always remember to turn them back on afterwords.

STOPzilla Application Settings


The application settings area is broken down into the application and scan settings.  Under the application settings you can turn on/off items like the automatic download of updates, splash screen, notification of direct threats, gaming mode and others. 

Selecting the scan settings area gives you the opportunity to change items like scanning after updating the scanner, checking for rootkits, scanning archive files like ZIP and RAR, scan for browser cookies that give information to anyone looking for it, or scanning removable devices before attaching them to the computer.

Quarantined files in STOPzilla


STOPzilla Quarantine files can be Deleted or Restored

If STOPzilla has found a file it finds suspicious it will quarantine the file making it unavailable to the system.  Sometimes antivirus applications falsely identify applications or files applications use as a threat.  Placing items in quarantine that are found as a threat keeps you safe but can also cause problems for applications you know are good. 

You can always go into the quarantine area to purge or restore files that are in quarantine.  If you restore a file in quarantine you may have to modify the scan to not place that file into quarantine or not scan the folder containing the file.

STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0 Support, Activate, and Help buttons


Full Tech Support Available including phone, email and live chat.

“You will receive 100% USA based Tech Support from STOPzilla”

The support and activate buttons at the bottom of the screen give you information about the latest update to the software, where to go to get help (online chat or web site help page), and where to enter in your activation key or how to purchase an activation key.  The help button brings up the website pages for help in using your antivirus software.  There is also an update button here that will check to see if there are any new updates to your software.

STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0 Review Conclusion

STOPzilla is a all around sound and solid antivirus application built in the USA that will protect your computer from todays prevalent computer viruses. Most of the competitors to STOPzilla are from overseas and Made in the USA is a big plus for me. 

During our evaluation of STOPzilla Antivirus we were pleasantly surprised that with the Active Protection enabled, we didn’t see much if any reduction in computer speed that we saw when evaluating some of its competitors. 

You don’t need to be a tech savy user to protect your computer from viruses and malware using STOPzilla.  The user interface is well thought out and will give you the power to configure their comprehensive antivirus solution with ease.  

If your trying to figure out which pc antivirus will work for you, STOPzilla Antivirus 7.0, 100% developed and supported in the USA should be at the top of your list of choices.   Download a free trial today and see for yourself.


  • USA Developed and Supported

  • Easy to install and update with the latest antivirus updates

  • The initial scan is fast and starts protecting you right away

  • Free 15 day evaluation download with full protection


  • The Settings screens were confusing at the beginning because you can get to all of them from one of the three buttons

  • The initial scan should be a full scan of your system but Im sure they chose the quick scan because its much faster. 


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