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Care4teen ReviewIf you have a computer-age child in your home, you know how scary the internet can be. Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to not allow your child online, especially with so many teachers requiring their students to use computer and internet research to complete school work. To ensure your child is safe when he or she is online, Care4Teen has the answer. 

Care4Teen Features

It’s a parent’s job to help their children learn about the world around them. This includes the internet. With so many marketing and scam ploys out there that specifically target the internet-naive, it’s important to ensure your child doesn’t do something that could have an impact on the rest of their life. It’s hard to ensure your child learns the right lessons if you’re always looking directly over their shoulder. Care4Teen helps you to be virtually over their shoulder, without your teen knowing. 

Care4Teen can monitor your child’s computer usage, monitor your child’s cell phone usage and also monitor your child on a tablet as well.

Care4Teen can help you manage your child’s online activities with the following features: 

  • Limiting access to inappropriate websites
  • Using filters, you can opt for which topics you’d like banned. You can also manually add any website you’d like blocked.
  • Recording browsing history
  • You will be able to access your child’s browsing history without actually accessing the child’s computer.
  • Video Monitoring of questionable pages or content
  • If your child visit a page that is not blocked, but is considered to be questionable or have dangerous content, Care4Teen automatically records what your child is doing and seeing on that page.
  • Document phone numbers and text messages from smartphones (Mobile Monitoring)
  • GPS monitoring of smartphone or other GPS enabled device
  • Manage all monitored devices from one location and change settings individually

All of these features run in a mode that is not visible by your child, the user of the devices Care4Teen is monitoring. Care4Teen can be run on Windows, Android OS and iOS (iPhones, iPads, or iPods). The device must have a browser with internet access. You can use Care4Teen to monitor any pc, laptop, table, or smartphone that runs one of those three operating systems and has internet access. 

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Care4Teen program on the device(s) you want to monitor, all changes and monitoring takes place from the online panel in your account. You will be able to configure reports that are automatically sent to you. You will have two browsing modes to chose from: 

  • Restricted: this mode does not allow viewing of websites per the filters and settings you determine


  • Unrestricted: this mode allows all websites to be viewed, but provides recording of any questionable site

No matter which mode your chose to utilize, Care4Teen will provide you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for, all while helping to ensure that your child is safe and secure online. 

What Makes Care4Teen so special?

Care4Teen offers the ability to work with ‘CareGroups’, which is a group of other like-minded parents. This allows you to work with other parents that have the same views as you to ensure that everyone’s child is safe while online. 

You can also earn rewards that allow you to waive the monthly subscription fee. This is done through actively working to block unsafe sites. 


Care4Teen System Requirements

Unfortunately, there are no specific system requirements for any OS that Care4Teen is compatible with. The only guidelines available are as follows: 

Windows: XP, Windows 7
Android: 2.3 or higher


Ability to earn free monthly subscriptions
Has ‘silent’ mode to monitor your child’s device without their awareness

Limited functionality trial
Monthly subscription plan


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